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— and we offer opportunities and programs to help emerging leaders develop their skills. Through these groups, participants strengthen their leadership skills, serve their communities, increase their world understanding, build friendships, and more.

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Contact Kurt Kowalchuk or the Committee Chair as noted if you are interested in a position.
District Membership Committee
Membership is the number one internal priority for Rotary the world over, and it is clear that this is an area of challenge for clubs and districts almost everywhere. While Service remains our number one external priority, that cannot be accomplished without great Rotarians. To do more, we need more Rotarians and Rotaractors, if our vision is to be accomplished.
Based on information sharing at a recent Zone 28/32 leadership learning event in Toronto, districts in Canada and the US which have experienced growth and are thriving have great district membership committees. Consider one of the following roles so we can grow Rotary in District 5360.
Working with Janice Wing, Rotary Club of Innisfail, Co-Chair the Membership Committee, our focus is on filling the following sub-committee chair and member positions for the following sub-committees:
  • Attraction
  • Engagement/Club Health (retention)
  • New Member Orientation
  • New Club Development
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion liaison
  • Communications liaison
The Membership Committee will support regional groupings of clubs in a "pod" structure, where club membership leaders and presidents will gather to share best practices that work in a given region. In addition, the pods will be further supported by District leadership including Area Governors, District Governor, as well as Zone Coordinators and Innovative Club Advocates. It is anticipated that the Membership Committee will meet bi-monthly and will support assigned “pods” on a monthly basis via virtual meetings (i.e., Zoom, etc.).
We seek creative-thinking Rotarians and Rotaractors with leadership skills and a passion for growth to fill these positions.
Together, we can help clubs in our district grow and thrive! Please email Jeff Foss with your lead if you know a great growth-minded Rotarian or Rotaractor.
District Grants Sub-Committee
District Grants Team Member 
  • Review and recommend District Grant applications (District Project, District Youth, District Scholarship) to the District Grants Sub Committee  
  • Promote Club use of and assist Clubs on the use of, application for, administration of, and reporting on District Grants 
  • Assist the Clubs in applying for District grants 
  • Attend committee meetings via conference calls or virtually  
  • Assist the District Grants Sub Committee chair and District Grants Team Lead in recruiting new members of the committee 
  • Work on other District Grant Sub-Committee activities as requested by the Committee chair 
  • Time commitment: 5-10 hours a week, is generally in the months of April and May. 2 hours per month for the rest of the year.

Global Grant Scholarship Committee Vice-Chair

The Global Grant Scholarship Committee Vice-Chair assists the committee chair, currently Hendrik Kraay (Calgary Olympic), in managing all aspects of District 5360’s Global Grant Scholarship Program, which annually awards up to two scholarships, each worth USD30,000, to students from this district to do graduate study outside of Canada in a program related to one of The Rotary Foundation’s areas of focus. The vice-chair is expected to succeed the chair for a three-year term.

Specific Areas of Responsibility of Global Grant Scholarship Committee:

  • Recommend the D5360 Global Grant Scholarship terms and conditions to the DGSC.
  • Maintain the Global Grant Scholarship page and scholarship application form on the D5360 website by providing updates to the district administrator.
  • Advertise the Global Grant Scholarship to prospective scholars through academic institutions, Rotary clubs in D5360, and other appropriate venues.
  • Review applications, interview short-listed candidates, and recommend scholarship candidates for approval by the DGSC.
  • Connect with international partners (club or district) and prepare Global Grant applications on behalf of scholarship candidates.
  • Orient Global Grant Scholarship recipients before departure.
  • Maintain contact with scholarship recipients during their study terms and obtain periodic reports for the Rotary 5360 website and newsletter.
  • Manage disbursement of Global Grant Scholarship funds in conjunction with D5360’s district administrator as per Global Grant terms; receive and manage receipts.
  • Complete progress and final reports as required by Global Grant terms.
  • Serve as a resource for potential applicants for global grant scholarships who would like to study at institutions in D5360; assist sponsoring clubs or districts in preparing Global Grant applications as the international primary contact.
  • Work with the district alumni chair to involve scholarship recipients in alumni activities.
For More Information: Contact Hendrik Kraay, Email, 403-852-9531
Foundation Stewardship Subcommittee member 
  • Applicant to be from Northern Sector of District
  • Monitor and evaluate stewardship and management practices for all grants;
  • Ensure that everyone involved in a grant avoids any actual or perceived conflict of interest.
  • The time commitment would not exceed 4 hours per month.
Report Monitor Committee Member
  • Ensure Rotary Foundation funds provided to clubs in the form of District Grants are expended in compliance with District 5360 and Foundation guidelines
  • Review Final Reports for completeness and compliance in all aspects and that grant funds have been directed to the specific purpose identified in the grant application
  • Communicate to report presenter any deficiencies in their filing or supporting documentation and the remedial action required to enable report acceptance
  • Monitor the status of outstanding Final Reports throughout the District and pursue those clubs that will or who have failed to meet reporting deadlines
  • Depending on the time of year, the time requirement to perform the role can range from 6 to 10 hours per week based on a team of two Report Monitors
Youth Committee
Vulnerable Person's Committee Chair and Member
The District Protecting Vulnerable People Committee helps Clubs and District Committees meet Rotary International Requirements for youth and vulnerable person protection. Rotary International strives to create and maintain a safe environment for all who participate in Rotary activities. To the best of their ability, Rotary members, their partners, and other volunteers must safeguard the vulnerable with whom they come into contact and protect them from physical, sexual, and psychological abuse.
New Generations Service Exchange Committee
The NGSE program is a flexible international program for young adults aged 18-30 who are attending university, college, a technical institute, or in the early stages of their careers. It is geared specifically to meet the needs and interests of the participant and can be done in person, virtually, or a hybrid of the two.
The District NGSE Committee is active in promoting the program to find interested participants as well as host Rotary clubs, mentors, and experts in the areas that the committee or the participants identify. 
We welcome Rotaractors, returned youth exchange participants, and Rotary members. The role you take on can be flexible to meet your needs: we are looking for people interested in this exciting program; anyone who might want to assist inbound or outbound participants; those who would like to help with marketing and/or communication efforts; and people who like to have fun while doing this important work.
The committee has a set meeting time of one hour on Mondays at 6:00 pm twice a month but the meetings are only held if there is business to attend to and there definitely is flexibility.
For more information, please Email Margie Booyens or Keith Walker
District Rotaract Committee Advisor
The District Rotaract Committee is seeking an advisor who can bring experience with the Rotary District to the table. We wish to consult this advisor during each of our monthly meetings on matters concerning the resources available to the Rotaract Committee from the Rotary District. An ideal candidate for the Rotarian Advisor position would be available to attend each of our monthly meetings on Monday evenings via zoom. This advisor would be a dedicated champion of youth involvement in Rotary. The advisor would be expected to be well-connected and informed within the Rotary District, and familiar with its structure, functions and resources.

RAYEC Committee Members

The first Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp was held 26 years ago, created by Community Futures.  Community Futures is a federal agency charged with assisting farmers, ranchers and businesses in rural Canada with consulting services and loans.  They also have a focus on youth and a strong relationship with 4H. Rotarians have been involved for many years.  In 2018 a formal partnership relationship was struck and AYEC became RAYEC – Rotary Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp.
RAYEC is a week-long camp focussed on entrepreneurship.  60 youth ages 13-15 are invited and 10-12 youth leaders aged 16 or 17 who were prior campers.  In addition to the “business day” there are various recreational and “camp-fire” activities.  The young entrepreneurs research a product to make and sell, apply to borrow real money from bankers from Servus Credit Union, make their products and sell on the 7th day to the parents and family.  Successful teams take home their profits as a reward.  Virtually all teams are successful.
We missed out in 2020 and 2021.  Next year with be the 25th Silver Anniversary Camp.
It would be optimum, but not essential, that committee members spend a week and multiple years at camp.  Experience the whole thing.
Role of a Rotary partner committee member
  • Help guide the planning process to make each year “the best ever”.
  • Liaise with Rotary Clubs to spread the good messages.
  • Collaborate with Community Futures committee members and local CF offices on great ideas.
  • Help the committee step through “new issues” e.g. COVID, and hope we never have to deal with anything like that again.
  • Bring your unique perspective to the meetings and into any tasks you take on.
Time Commitment
  • Typically about 6 one-hour Zoom meetings in the planning cycle.
  • A modest amount of time connecting with Clubs and CF.
  • Other tasks that you might accept.
  • Encouraged to attend camp (7-days, mid-August) in any one of our adult leader roles (business team, recreational team, bunkhouse supervision, office).  Encouraged to return another year.
Although not essential it would be great to have some representation from the southern part of the province – to facilitate communication with the southern Clubs and CF offices.  Two spots are open.
For anyone potentially interested please have a conversation with the person who shared this with you or with Brian.  Thank you.
Email Brian Gentles, Co-chair – Rotary    or call 403 651 7337
District Youth Exchange Training Lead – Outbound
  • Looking for someone who has some training experience, particularly with youth, and would like to use their skill set to prepare our outbound students for their year abroad.
  • Update or create the content for all OB orientations ensuring all major categories are covered according to RI (Note:  most content has been developed)
  • Program information, rules and regulations, Rotary support system, expectations, cultural preparation, safety, travel and parental expectations
  • Attend committee meetings via conference call or virtually – generally monthly (10 per year)  
  • Work with Outbound Coordinator and Rotex members to refine and update training as needed
  • Requires approximately 3 separate sessions from January to June each year
  • Time commitment: 15-20 hours per session, as well as preparation time (July – December before training)
District Youth Exchange Training Lead – Inbound and Rebound
  • Looking for someone who has some training experience, particularly with youth, and would like to use their skill set to prepare our inbound students for their year here and help the returning outbound students debrief on their year and understand their emotional rollercoaster.
  • Update or create the content for all Inbound and rebound orientation/Debriefs ensuring all major categories are covered according to RI (Note:  most content has been developed)
  • Inbound - Program information, rules and regulations, Rotary support system, expectations, cultural preparation, safety, and travel rules
  • Rebound Debrief – Reverse Culture shock, re-entry to family, community, next steps, and plans
  • Attend committee meetings via conference call or virtually – generally monthly (10 per year)  
  • Work with Inbound Coordinator and Rotex members to refine and update training as needed
  • Requires approximately 2 - 3 separate sessions from August to October each year
  • Time commitment: 15 – 20 hours per session, as well as preparation time (April - July before training)
Learning and Development Committee
Rotary Learning Center Liaison
This person should be someone who is passionate about helping clubs in our District improve and grow their learning practices.   You will be asked to find new and creative ways to inform, educate and encourage members to try using the Rotary Learning Center. You will be required to do club visits and assist in our District club leadership training programs when asked.  You will be able to collaborate with our District leaders (both the AGs and club Presidents) to find out how this L&D resource can help their clubs increase their Rotary knowledge.
The L & D committee is looking for someone who wants to get more involved at the District level who will bring new and inventive ideas to build the strength and vibrancy of our clubs.
Please contact
Rob Wolfson, Learning & Development Committee Chair
Email or 403-560-6471
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee
Committee Members
The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is dedicated to bringing to life in District 5360 Rotary International’s commitment to building “a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change. Rotary values diversity and celebrates the contributions of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, colour, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.”
If this part of Rotary’s mission is something you are passionate about, please consider joining the District Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. We are looking for members who can say “yes” to the following!
  • I want to see the clubs in our district diversify their membership to better represent the demographics of their communities.
  • I want to see the clubs in our district ensure that all members feel valued and included and that they can contribute their talents and energy to the projects they feel passionate about.
  • I want to support clubs in the District to achieve these goals through online or face-to-face meetings and through the creation of educational tools designed to enhance their DEI efforts
  • I understand that being an active part of the committee can mean taking on an administrative role such as taking meeting notes or reporting on Committee initiatives
  • I understand that being an active part of the committee means attending meetings consistently.
If this is you, please contact
Judie Bopp, Chair, District 5360 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
Email or 403-861-7814.

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