Thanks for all the support you have been giving Rotary Remembers 2023. Tickets have been selling well, and we have sold just over 100. This week, please help us push our attendance over last year's total of 185 - 250 has a nice ring to it.
Here are key reminders.
  • Ticket deadline – Sunday, November 5th, 10:00 PM
  • Ticket cost - $50.00 per ticket
  • Buy Tickets Click for Tickets
Questions & Answers
On Wednesday our 10-member committee met to make final plans. These questions have arisen.
Will Tickets be sold at the Door?
Tickets will not be sold at the event. Preregistration only.
Where will any surplus funds go?
  • We donate surplus funds to the Poppy Fund.
  • Rotarians can also make personal donations through a link on the District Rotary Remembers page
Thought – if your club is planning a donation to the Poppy Fund, why not route it through RR 2023 to increase the impact of a combined Rotary gift?  
Are visitors welcome?
  • YES! Friends, family … anyone who is interested.
  • Have you invited former members of your club?
  • Has your club sponsored a Ukrainian family? Why not invite them to this event?
Once Again
  • Ticket deadline – Next Sunday, November 5th, 10:00 PM
  • Ticket cost - $50.00 per ticket
  • Buy Tickets Click for Tickets
Thanks again for your continued support of Rotary Remembers 2023
Doug Hood, Chair:
Robyn Braley, Event Producer:
Rotary Remembers 2023 is scheduled for Saturday, November 11th, at 10:30 at the Carriage House Inn. Tickets are $50 and include an address by speaker Dr. Stéphane Guevremont, the reading of Club Honor Rolls, the Moment of Silence, a Rotary Family War Story, and lunch.
Tickets are available online. Click for Tickets. Doors will open at 10:00 with general seating.
Dr. Stéphane Guevremont is a professional and independent military historian. In the past he has been a military history professor at Mount Royal University and taught in the Faculty of Continuing Education at the University of Calgary. He is also a speaker and media commentator.
His talk is titled,
"UKRAINE AND THE WORLD: The International War"
Dr. Guevremont will talk about the international ramifications of the Ukraine-Russia war. He will begin by laying out the background of Western involvement with Ukraine from 1991 to 2022.
Dr. Guevremont will describe conflicts of interest emerging between various nations since the war began. He will discuss political intrigues, corruption, and other forces at play regarding energy, food supplies, and other impacts on world economies.
As for the conflict, he will explain the unique organizational structure of the Ukrainian army, which differs from that of Canada, the USA, and Britain. Of particular interest, he will provide an overview of the International Brigades made up of volunteers from neutral nations and various anti-Russian countries in the region.
Stéphane Guevremont also organizes tours of Canadian battlefields in Europe. In his spare time, he plays several sports and does volunteer work with seniors and high school students.
The M.C. will be last year's keynote speaker, Jim Hennessy. The event will be produced by Robyn Braley and the Rotary Remembers Committee, which includes representatives of most Calgary Rotary Clubs.