Jay (Yuan) Wang, MSc in Molecular Biosciences in Neuroscience, Interdisziplinären Zentrums für Neurowissenschaften (IZN), Universität Heidelberg, Germany (Rotary Club of Calgary Olympic and Rotary Club of Heidelberg-Schlöss), Global Grant Scholar, 2016-19

Jay Wang was born in China and grew up in Calgary. He received Bachelor of Health Sciences, majoring in Biomedical Sciences, from the Universtiy of Calgary in 2014 with First Class Honours. A recipient of the President's Award for Excellence in Student Leadership, the RBC Students Leading Change Scholarship, and the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada Scholarship, Jay has a passion for science, learning, volunteerism, community services and global development. From collecting minerals and fossils to astrophotography, there are not many scientific fields that he is not interested in. Starting research in high school, he has experience in both medical and astrophysics research. Nothing fascinates him more however than the brain! In the pursuit of collecting expertise in neuroscience from the best, he has chosen to explore the mind and brain in the top schools all over the world through internships in the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Australia; the University of Tokyo, Japan; the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden; and the University of Cambridge, UK). None of this could have happened without support from the Global Grant Scholarship and Rotarians from around the world!
Jay enjoys personal and global development through volunteering and community services. He has volunteered with Telus Spark Science Centre, Let's Talk Science, Alberta Children's Hospital, Women's Resource Center, and has learned about empowerment of international communities in Kenya and helping with cancer fundraisers and science olympics in Germany. In Calgary, he served as an advisor to the president of the University of Calgary for the China Regional Advisory Council and was voted the Elected Official of the Year as the Students' Union Faculty of Medicine representative. Moreover, he helped organize national science competitions for junior high and high students for Let's Talk Science and raise money for Canadian Cancer Foundation through Relay for Life and UC Idol.
With the opportunities to study and learn all over the world, Jay hopes to have a better grasp of the local and international issues that are intertwined together through his journey. After completing his Master degree in 2019, he hopes to continue his education towards a PhD and an MD and to work towards international development.
To find out more about where Jay’s career is taking him, visit his Linkedin page.